ChatMap launches their collaborative map with end-to-end encryption

SAN DIEGO, California - September 28, 2015 - ChatMap LLC today launched their namesake mobile communication app ChatMap. It enables people that work in the field to share their location information and annotate a group map with lines, pins, or photos, with all of the data being broadcast to others on the team. Built on top of the map is a robust push-to-talk voice communication tool intended to replace hand held radios for real-time discussion.

People can set up group conversations called channels and annotate the maps with meeting places, geological survey locations, environmental research data, or wildfire containment, for example. If the map content they create needs to be analyzed in a spreadsheet, database or Google Earth, it can be easily exported in a couple taps.

“Anyone who works outside knows how hard it is to work as a team when you’re not near each other. From sales reps, pizza delivery, security, rescue, it’s crucial to see where your team is and get site-specific information. We quickly realized that this same visibility can also apply to other groups, like friends and family” explained Cary Evans, co-founder of ChatMap.

The free ChatMap app takes privacy and security seriously. ChatMap employs end-to-end encryption where communication and location information is encrypted on the sender’s phone and only the chosen recipients have the keys to decrypt it. “Every week we hear about another data breach. We don’t want ChatMap to be in the news for something like that” said Cary Evans. “With encryption we can’t read our users’ data even if we wanted to. So it’s one less thing to worry about for us and our customers.”

For friends and family, ChatMap is an easy way to keep track of not only where your people are, but to stay in touch as well. “We’ve used ChatMap to organize concerts, campsites and even used it for marking hiking trails for each other,“ disclosed Pete Salmon a ChatMap user and military vet.

About ChatMap

Founded in 2015 and based in San Diego, California, ChatMap is a mobile app for iOS that enables people to see where there friends are and collaborate on a map. Whether coordinating your team at work, friends or family, ChatMap makes it a snap to work together when location counts.

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