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ChatMap for Non-Government Organizations - NGOs

ChatMap gives your team a shared map and communication tools to help you organize around your objective in the field.

Aid Delivery

Is your team responsible for delivering aid or other necessities? Use ChatMap to mark delivery locations on the map. Drop a pin on the location and your colleague can get directions to it.

Expecting a delivery? Tap on person delivering and get their ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Pins and ETA are great for setting meeting locations with your team. Mark the location with a pin and others can get directions. If you are there early, you can see when they will arrive.
Drop Pins, Draw Lines, Post Photos... the world is your canvas.
Document on a shared map.

Documenting Important Locations

Track important events or data on a shared map:
  • Photos - Document conditions, and post the photo on the exact location on the map.
  • Lines - Draw lines to mark trails/paths on undocumented locations with the pen tool.
  • Labels - Put unofficial names for locations on the map.
  • Pins - Mark a location with a note and get directions
Every channel has it's own map. When you add anything to the map, all other participants can see it instantly. If you need more tools, icons, or structure around data, let us know and we can build it. Any item placed on the map can be exported into a CSV or KML file for import into a spreadsheet or Google Earth.

Securely Coordiante Areas of Need

Easily talk and text with each other using the integrated push-to-talk and text features. Unlike a walkie-talkie, ChatMap uses voice-notes. This enables you to listen live, or if you missed a message, play it again in your channel history.

All communications are secure using end-to-end encryption sent over SSL (secure sockets layer). In short, we do not have the ability to decrypt your message, on the intended recipients can.
Push-to-talk app with friends and chat.
End-To-End Encryption

Your data is secure

Using end-to-end encryption, your conversations are encrypted on your device and only can be decrypted by the intended recipients.

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