Location Sharing & Talk - For Friends


See where your BFFs are...

Meeting with your best buds is easy when you can see where they are and get an ETA in a tap. Be it a festival, a trip to Vegas or Saturday night, ChatMap makes getting together a snap.
Buddies on a Map = Location Sharing


Keep in touch even when you can't

If you've ever tried to coordinate a group of friends on the ski slopes, you know how hard it is to get everyone to meet up. Catching people when they are free is next to impossible. With ChatMap's channel history you can send messages (aka voice-notes) and they can play the message when they are free.

Push-to-talk app with friends and chat.


ETAs Anytime

Need to know your friends's estimated time of arrival (ETA), tap their profile picture. If they're in need, get directions to their current location in a tap. This makes finding your wandering friend a walk in the park.
Profile with ETA and directions.


The Map is Your Canvas.

Meeting at a specific location is easy with ChatMap. Just drop a pin there and add any notes you want to it, like, "Meet here at 12:00." When your friends tap the pin, they can tap the pin and see your notes and get directions.

Drop Pins, Draw Lines, Post Photos... the world is your canvas.


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