Talk and collaborate with your team on a shared map.

Draw on the shared map to make plans.

For fun or for business, anything you add to your shared map is broadcast to your team:

• Draw on the map with your finger.
• Drop a pin and add notes or tap to get directions.
• Post photos at specific locations on the map.
Drop Pins, Draw Lines, Post Photos... the world is your canvas.
Buddies on a Map = Location Sharing

See where your crew is at

Be it a night on the town, organizing your construction crew, or picking up your kids, meeting up with friends and family has never been easier. Just turn on location sharing with the people you want and instantly see where they're at.

How much longer 'til they get here?

Just tap your friend's profile to see how far away they are and their estimated time of arrival... Or get directions to their current location if plans change.
Profile with ETA and directions.
Push-to-talk app with friends and chat.

Walkie-talkie replacement

With push-to-talk, texting, photo sharing and video clips at your finger tips, communicating is a cinch. Too busy to talk or hands covered in mud? The conversation history captures the last 24 hours of messages, making it easy to respond later without turning you into a digital packrat.

Export your map data

Using ChatMap for location-based research or surveys? Export pins, lines and photos on the map into your favorite spreadsheet, database or Google Earth with .CSV and .KML exports (Comma Separated Values and Keyhole Markup Language). Get the latitude and longitude for each item along with creator and creation time. Download a sample report (.zip).
Export your data to .KLM and .CSV
End-To-End Encryption

Your data is secure

Using end-to-end encryption, your conversations are encrypted on your device and only can be decrypted by the intended recipients ensuring that only those intended get to hear your conversations.


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